Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LEAK: Living Proof - City (prod by Tope)

Living Proof, the PRTLND based duo, comprised of Prem and Tope, is set to release their sophomore album Full Speed at the end of summer 2010. This album is the culmination of three years of hard work and constant reformatting and adjustments. The release reveals a more mature sound from the group, and is clear evidence of the scene's progression and growth. Keeping with tradition, the production on this album is top notch and the Proof elicited the help of West Coast heavyweights Abstract Rude, Planet Asia, and Destro (Boom Bap Project/Oldominion) as well as PRTLND's own TxE, and Kelli Shaefer. The cohesive project bridges willfully between soulful, thought-provoking compositions like "Gone Home" and uptempo, feel-good joints like the title track "Full Speed" feat. Abstract Rude.

With anticipation building for the new Living Proof record, we thought it was only right to give fans a sneak peak at the project. City 2.0 is a reworked version of an original song we made for the record, prior to a couple beat changes and verse/sequencing transformations. This unmixed track brings the familiar 'feel good' vibe you're used to from the Proof and is perfect for riding to in the summer. Left Coast!

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