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What up Verbz? School readers on who you are and what you do!

Hello World. I’m Verbz aka Verbz The Kid. I’m trying to be a Renaissance man, do a little bit of everything, mostly I’m a DJ & crate digger & music blogger here in Portland Oregon. Also do graphics, photography, video, & a dozen other things. All I wanna do is spread good music.

So lets start off with why you got into hip hop and how long you’ve been in the game?

Fell in love with hip-hop when first saw Run DMC & Aerosmith breakdown that wall on MTV. Started out a b-boy & graff writer in the 90s. I started getting into the budding online battle scene & helped run websites dedicated to early web music. I got involved in a small part of the Portland hip hop scene through rap about 7 years ago. We’ve kinda built a family out of it & become a larger part of the hip hop Portland has to offer. Set up a bunch of shows around the Portland area. I’ve spent the last 7 years DJing & collecting records. Doing a music blog for a year now.

I often check your page on tumblr and you have a great taste in music, who are your favourite producers?

Cliché answer, J Dilla. He was one of those producers that I had heard & loved without ever knowing he produced the beats. My first Dilla moment was watching the World Premier on BET of Slum Village “Climax.” I drove 20 minutes immediately to buy the album. Aside from the obvious Pete Rock, Prince Paul, Premier, Just Blaze, Cut Chemist & Numark, Jake One, Kev Brown, Madlib, ect. most of my favorite producers are my friends here in the NW scene.

Who are some names that you’ve worked with?

Just yesterday I DJ’d a producer showcase called The Neckbrace 3. The featured producer was Exile. He was inspiring & ridiculous on the turntables & MPC. I’ve done shows with underground artists Glue & DJ Abilities. Shows with Ohmega Watts, Theory Hazit, DJ Flip Flop, Illmaculate, Luck One, Grey Matters, & on through the Portland music scene. Mostly make music with my brother Mark Steez.

You are very active in promoting the hip hop scene in the NW, throw out some names people shouldn’t sleep on:

I’ve grown up in the Portland scene with a family we’ve built through years of shows. In the NW my people TxE have really been making my favorite music lately. That’s Tope of Living Proof & Epp who has been one of my favorite MC’s in Portland for years. With G_Force on the beats, they are producing some of the NW best. Also DO NOT sleep on, Illmaculate, Theory Hazit, 9DM, Sandpeople, Sapient, Grey Matters, Luck One, Ohmega Watts, Braille, Dave Notti, Sole Pro, Only One, Kid Espi, & dozens more.

What about the top producers from the NW?

I would say that the beat scene in the Portland area is amazing. We have been flooded with the do it yourself attitude because we’ve always been ignored as a scene. My favorite NW producers are G_Force, Lawz Spoken, Trox, DaiN, Theory Hazit, Dave Notti, Ohmega Watts, Hi-Res, Devonwho, Tope, & DJ Flip Flop. In Seattle of course Jake One holds it down but also Big Tune Seattle 2009 champ, Marcus D. But truly, my favorite producer is my brother Mark Steez, because we have similar tastes in music & we share samples.

What are you currently working on yourself?

Currently my biggest project is launching my new site for NW artists, events, photos, videos, samples, & my own music called Also, I’m a full time psychology student at Portland State University & I’m working on a mix playing with the idea of perception. I’m hoping to give that out at the end of the summer.

A lot of people say the internet killed the music industry, do you think that’s true or do you think it just gave people a bigger venue to hear a better variety of music and a lot of the main stream music lost its appeal?

I could take up your entire blog, a documentary, & 2 hour presentation on this topic. If the music industry is dead, it was suicide. Record labels started a war with their own consumers. Check the numbers, music downloaders buy more music, go to more concerts, & have exposure to more artists. Downloaders stopped looking to mainstream record labels for music. It’s a mainstream that helped turn MTV (the old way people discovered artists) into a reality TV channel & bought every radio station to homogenize music across the country. It’s hardly Top 40 anymore; it’s more like Top 5 of the same flavor. Record labels looked at downloaders as enemies instead of consumers. Had the record labels individually made their music available for download at high quality at low cost (only paying for bandwidth for distribution & no cost in producing physical CDs) the industry wouldn’t look like a wasteland. The internet has definitely shortened the attention span for any one album, but now we are seeing artists release music through the web constantly or in short EPs to keep up with the development of new music & it helps keep interest in the artist. Is music better with more money in it? I sure would rather hear about reality than how much money you’ve got.

What is the biggest misconception rap fans have about the game?

Originality. Music is an art of influence. Hip hop especially the case. From sampling to the words artists choose usually are in respect to something that inspired them. When I Talib sampling Nina Simone there is a connection to something that came before that is mutually inspiring. I feel like most people don’t even think about samples until they hear Eminem & Lil Wayne sampling the Night At The Roxbury track. Sampling. Another hip hop wasteland.

What moves do you want to make in your career before 2010 ends?

I wanna create a really great site that people come back to. I wanna really explore some new things with music on my own & I want to see the rest of my crew continue to grow because the whole family is doing so well.

Who is the best freestyler in your opinion?

Illmaculate. You can fight me. Been around him freestyling for many years, I’ve heard ridiculous things come out of that dude’s mouth. Supernat is incredible. I’ve heard 9DM just go off & rhyme all night. My boy Epp from TxE is amazing with some freestyle rap/singing/different personalities whatever. I’m blessed with some really talented friends.

Plug your info so people can peep your shit homie:

Right now you can go back & download hours of good music, or bump a playlist on my Tumblr site, Follow me on Twitter at & check new site, coming soon.

Also check out my brother Mark Steez for a Beat CD coming soon at & my boys TxE at & check my boys G_Force & Illmaculate’s new video at

You got any last words for the readers?

Get at me. Get at me with music, events, ideas, questions. Let’s spread good music.


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Heebs907's Top 10 Battles. #2

Next up and the runner up for #1 is a battle between Passwurdz and Hollow Da Don. One of the closest battles in GT history in my opinion!

Heebs907's Top 10 Battles. #3

Number 3 in Heebs' top 10 is Math Hoffa vs Iron King Solomon. Two beasts go at it.

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Heebs907's Top 10 Battles #4

Coming in at #4
Grind Time Now Presents: Kid Twist vs Fresco

Heebs907's Top 10 Battles #5

Illmaculate/The Saurus (NY) vs (LD) Whashisface/Possessed WRC 06 Finals Battle 1

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The NorthWest Breakout Show

COME check out coolnutz northwest break out show on jammin 107.5

follow him on

Grind Time Now presents: Arsonal vs Dizaster

The HIGHLY anticipated showdown Dizaster vs Arsonal.


What up G Force? Introduce yourself, name a couple projects people may have heard you on!

Whats good! It’s your neighbor hood hippie G_Force, 1/3 of TxE, you might of heard me on TxE‘s free Ep, or you might of heard me on the bong in my studio haha. But really most of the projects I’ve put out were when I was living in Eugene and they’ve gotten lost over the years.

How long have you been making beats? What tools do you use?

We’ll I got my first drum set when I was 6 years old, so you could say I started making beats

then. I didn’t really get into hip-hop production tell about 5th or 6th grade. I started on

computer programs and a Roland BOSS drum machine. Now I use, Mpc 2500 LE, Juno G, Korg Ms 2000b, Motif Rack, Reason, and the Roland Sp 606 which I use for the TxE live shows. I also use my drum set, live bass, and this dope Church Organ (all were used on TxE “Get It Back”)

You’re in a group with Tope and Epp as a collective you’re known as TxE. Are you in any other groups?

I’m currently in TxE, and I have a indie group with my girlfriend called Girl Meets Gravity but we’ve been slackin on making music lately. I used to play drums and then keys in this live band from Eugene called Medium Troy we did a stint on the Warped Tour last year.

You work with a lot of northwest artists, who are some up and comers the readers might not have heard of you’ve been working with?

Me and the homie Half Man Half (Low 80’s) have recently started working on a project, I’m doing all the beats for that album. My dude Efekt from Eugene is getting some beats from me I’ll probably end up doing that whole album as well. 9DM was trynna get some beats also for his next project. I really don’t work with that many North West cats cause they don’t like to pay for beats..and I don’t give out free beats. Also me and EPP from TxE have a crazy indie rock project we’ve been workin on. I don’t just fuck with hip-hop music I produce it all!!

You recently released a dope track from an upcoming project with Illmaculate, give us some insight about how this came about.

ILL and myself were in my studio, listening to Al Green’s 2008 release “Lay It Down” one of my favorite albums of 08, I decided I wanted to flip it track for track. I made 8 beats that night while ILL was chillin writing raps. The next day I cooked up the other 3 and finished the project. It was originally just going to be an Instrumental album, but once ILL heard the rest of the beats he had to be a part of it. We’ve got features on the album from Theory Hazit, Epp (TxE), Braille, and Only One (sandpeople). We also just dropped the video for the first track “Lay It Down” the project is called “THE GREEN TAPE” and should be out by the end of summer.

I also hear you’re working with Planet Asia, how did you two meet and can we expect to hear that this year?

I met Planet Asia back in 06 (senior year of high school) when he came to Eugene to do a show. I had a beat cd ready for him, but suckered out when I met him and didn’t give him the CD. Fast-forward to August 08, and I’m on myspace and see Planet Asia’s page I figure fuck it, and sent him a message seeing if he wanted to work on something. He replied back saying he dug my beats and wanted to do an EP. So I started sending him beats, and after awhile it just turned into a full length album. It’s entitled “Camouflage Jackets” were finishing it up this summer and hopefully it will be out early next year at the latest. It was originally going to be put out threw Black Smith (Talib Kewlis Label) but we had some issues with them, we were also in discussion with Stones Throw, Duck Down, and Nature Sounds, but we’ve decided to go the independent route for releasing it. The Project is on some throw back Planet Asia shit, he really go’s in on these joints, be on the look out!

Describe the hip hop scene in Oregon and how it’s grown in the past year.

The scenes hear is interesting to say the least. I’ve been blessed to meet a group of artist who support each other, and make great music together. But the majority of cats out here are older sour cats who like to hate on the young kids doing something different. I’m sorry but the “north west sound” as of the past few years is not that tight, were trying to make something UNIVERSAL and turn that into the new North West sound. As far as growth I think that there hasn’t been much, the shows here are still poorly thrown (unless dealing with the right promoters) No one really wants to see 10 hip-hop acts on one show I’m sorry but things need to change!

Who are some of your influences?

Curtis Mayfield, The Mountain Goats, Neil Young, Drake, Cee-Lo, Ben Kweller, Dilla, Moka Only, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, Sean Lennon, Jahiem, Jaime Lidell, devonwho, Nottz, and really my crew in Portland influences and inspires me to do bigger and better things.

The internet has been a great way for people to promote their work, do you think it helps the “at home” producers like yourself who get their own gear and studio together?

It’s a gift and a curse, a gift because any one any where has access to find your music, a lot of the beats I sell are to random out of towners who just happened upon my beats. It’s a curse because obviously with anyone being able to put up there music the market is oversaturated with a lot of bad music.

With 2010 being a big year for you, how do you plan to top it in 2011?

Shit! I’m constantly grindin for perfection and to reach that next level. 2011 will bring nation wide tours for TxE and Illmaculate, a sponsorship from Nike, and Planet Asia x G_Force – Camoflauge Jackets! (These are the things I’m visualizing to make happen)

What do you think about beat battles in Grindtime? Do you have an interest in giving on a try?

I think beat battles are limiting, it forces you to create one style of production, when personally I rather hear the differences in the producers, like can you make an R&B joint, or a dance beat. I really don’t have any interest to compete I’ll leave that to my buddy TROX he’s killin fools! I prefer events like Dave Notti’s “The Neck Brace Showcase” were the producers get to play what ever they want to display there versatility.

Who are some other names you’ve been working with as of late?

I’m currently sending beats back in forth with hip-hop super producer NOTTZ (busta rhymes, snoop dogg, r.kelly, Biggie, Dilla) , I’m also making beats for Strong Arm Steady (Phil The Agony, Mitchy Slick, Krondon), Moka Only (battle axe records/Swollen Members), Tri-State (GCM), also me and Chase Moore have been cookin up some beats for a solo Phil The Agony album were producing. Ya diiig!

Take some time plug your info where people can hear your work and show you love!

Challah at me on twiiter @G_ForceBeats or email me

You can peep my music…. TxE Beats and my video at

If you got anything else you want to discuss its basically open mic time, have at it:

I just wanna say thanks to UTAGM for the interview and for holdin the crew down! Also just for hip-hop fans in general it’s time for you to open your ears up, It’s the easy way out to just hate right off the bat, and box artist in. It takes more effort to actually listen to what artists are doing and feel it first. Mainly that’s a shot to all the people hatin on Drake. Haha dude’s killin it.

Oh yeah. And be on the look out for TxE ‘s new project “You’re Welcome” dropping Sept.


Also check out this beat he hooked up!!

Fox of SONS Tells his side.

Heebs907's Top 10 battles #7 and #6

We're posting two battles today.

#7- Dumbfoundead vs The Saurus. Two of the Grindtime heavyweights go against eachother to see who the battle king is. Dumb's witty bars and smooth delivery against The Saurus' ruthless multis and asian jokes

Next we have #6 Tantrum vs D Lor

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Heebs907's Top 10 Battles. #8

Heebs' #8 battle is Franco vs NoCanDo.

Two sick freestylers face off at Scribble Jam 07. NoCanDo was on point this whole battle, and Franco stood strong verse for verse.


Whats happenin Soul? Give yourself a quick intro for the readers.

I'm Soul Khan, a rapper, a battle rapper, a sometimes singer, and a man who constantly labors at his craft in hopes of entertaining others. I'm from Woodland Hills, California but I live in Brooklyn, New York and I busy myself with music, video games, and events of social and cultural interest. I can also drink an unlimited amount of whiskey when angry.

How long have you been rapping for and when did you get into battling?

I have been rapping in one form or another for thirteen years roughly, though I've only just started taking it seriously as a career aspiration since I moved to New York in '07. I used to only battle in freestyle ciphers and a very small number of on-stage on-beat tournaments, but entered the field seriously through Grindtime in late '08 against Yellow Rat Bassterd (yes, that is how he spelled his name). I'm critical of myself for my late entrance into battling on a national scale, but there really weren't too many outlets for me as I was really on the periphery of the LA hip hop scene growing up and then later stuck in total obscurity when I went to college in upstate New York.

You have battled in Grindtime and Smack, any other leagues?

I have also battled in King of the Dot, a dope Canadian league that originated in Toronto but now spans several provinces. I will also be doing a one-time battle for the Grindtime New Jersey off-shoot, When Animalz Attack against Leathle, the head of the organization. In the future I'd like to travel to Australia to participate in a Got Beef event, as well as to England to take part in one of Eurgh's Don't Flop battles. Hell, I'd even love to just judge some other country's event if I happen to be in the region at the time.

Where has your favourite place to battle been?

As far as the intensity and sheer depth of talent
at an event, I'd have to say that battling in Oakland against Dirtbag Dan and then later against QP was a favorite. Overall, Toronto provided me with the warmest reception each time I've been there, first against Aspire and then more recently against Porich. I highly recommend that anyone who is a serious battler or even just a battle viewer go to a King of the Dot event. They're run with the highest degree of professionalism and bring a crowd that is smart, alert, and up on their references.

Stylistically you are different from a majority of the eastcoast battlers, do you find that gives you an advantage?

It used to distinguish me, but now that I've been part of it this long, it's no longer got the "wow" factor it might have once had to regular battle viewers and other battlers even. The fact that I'm dealing with a different crowd than a lot of my fellow California natives has required me to adapt a lot of my stylistic approaches and even the lines I use because different folks are responsive to different content. If you ever wonder why a crowd reacts to me when you're not doing so while watching a battle on Youtube it may be because I gear every line to that particular live audience, especially in a judged battle. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails, and sometimes I wear a fake beard.

You and Dirtbag Dan had a good match against Quest McCody and Marvwon, what’s next in the 2 vs 2 format for you?

My next 2 on 2 will feature me and Kap Kallous against Tricky P and Charron at the August 6th and 7th King of the Dot 2-year anniversary in Toronto. I wish Tricky and Charron the best of luck because I'm the least of their problems. Kap is the meanest man in the world.

What have you been working on music wise? Do you have a mixtape or album in the works?

I've been working on an album on and off since I first got to New York City. It's seen a
lot of obstacles and diversions, namely the growing success of my group, the Brown Bag AllStars and having to prepare for battles (I could obviously have worse problems). A repackaged, fully remixed double CD called Brown Bag Season Volume 1 will drop later this year from my crew with a lot of recently released joints and several new exclusive tracks.

My solo record is called Soul Like Khan and it spans four main themes that are important to me and maybe somewhat important to other people. I don't know if it will appeal to some of my battle fans since we may have diverging musical influences. I'm more of a Native Tongues type of dude. I tend to concern myself more with the emotion, tone, and proportion of the words than the intricacy of rhyme structure and just frivolously showing off my wordplay abilities, which has become unfortunately too much of a trend in underground hip hop. And the beats will knock like a motherfucker. Then, the Brown Bag official album will drop in 2011 and no lie, it's going to sound classic.

I hear you are in a group called Brown Bag Allstars, who else is in the crew and how did this come about?

I am so prophetic in how I answer questions (shout out to my homie, Hard White, ask your girl). Brown Bag started with five rappers, two of whom produce, including myself, Cold Codeine (later kicked out for being a loser), Koncept, J57 (one of the producers), Audible Doctor (also a producer), and three dj's, E Holla, Element, and Goo (who moved to Arizona). We formed a group as a result of our collective friendship that arose from working at or hanging out at Fat Beats in Manhattan.

You’ve been in a bit of controversy with the SONS since MOB. What happened after your battle with QP? (would you like to speak on the whole video that was put out by fox? It was kinda hard to hear what was being talked about)

After my battle with QP, Fox approached me and J57 as I was leaving the main battle area, and basically said that I had "fucked up" because we had an agreement not to speak about each other negatively in any setting after we spoke to each other in New York at a URL event, where, after impliclity threatening me online, he was much more peaceable in his approach. I had, mistakenly apparently, concluded from our first encounter that a battle was still not off-limits for bars directed at him, especially since I was battling one of his crew members. Fox thought otherwise.

He had several clear opportunities to try whatever he wanted until people intervened, and he did nothing. Anyone who tries to suggest that I got "punked" or "checked" is delusional. I refused to indulge him in a fight because first, it's ridiculous to scrap over that kind of shit, and two, because we were at a battle event where a lot of money, time and effort had gone into making something big happen for a lot of people and a brawl would definitely derail that. It would not be even remotely worthwhile for me to fuck up my relationship with Grindtime and Lush, which has given me a great deal, just to settle some overhyped misunderstanding. And in any case, we all know who ruined the event and how later, so I guess my good intentions didn't even matter.

And your next battle is against Fox, right?

It was going to be. I had
confirmed my flight information in the middle of June and was waiting on Fox to confirm that he was ready to go, too, but Melody of Grindtime Florida informed me that after she was basically ignored by Fox several times, Fox texted her stating that he and I would do our battle at URL instead. I immediately spoke to Norbes at URL who stated that this was never discussed with him or anyone else in the organization. Additionally, I agreed to a Grindtime battle with Fox, nothing else. Therefore it appears that we are not battling any time in the near future. It's whatever to me, though. It was originally a part of just agitating Conceited, but I don't care anymore since his novelty will wear off sooner than later. I do wish Fox, Heart, and QP the best, though.

You called out Dumbfoundead and Conceited in a youtube video , have you heard a response from either of these two?

Dumb and I spoke about it a while ago and he said he was taking a hiatus, which I respected. I wanted to battle him just because I wanted to prove that I could go the distance. Conceited, on the other hand, was just a challenge based on the fact that he was so insistent that he is the best, which to anyone of taste, is a ludicrous suggestion. He said he only wants battles with people who can get him more views than he does, but as he is the most accessible (read: shitty in a way that makes stupid people feel like they're smart) battler with a big name, nobody gets more views than he does. Theoretically no battle will benefit him. Then again, he doesn't really make music and he has to be suspended above his toilet seat to pee so the greater joke is on him.

Back to music, who are some of your favourite artists?

Big Daddy Kane, Slum Village, Pharoahe, De La Soul,
Wu-Tang in its various forms, Paul Robeson, Bjork, Erykah Badu, Daru and AB, Stevie Wonder, Lee Morgan and...this list will get ludicrously long.

What was the best cd of 2009 in your opinion?

Daru and AB's A Work in Progress

What can we expect from Soul Khan before 2011?

Some battles, a lot more music, and a few surprises.

Take some time to plug your info so mofos can find you and show some love:

Facebook: Soul Khan

You got some final words for the people reading this?

I am not cocky, I am driven, and if I falter, it is not due to a lack of capacity but a failure of discipline. I'm always working to make what I do, whether it's music, battles, or myself better for the sake of fans, listeners, and viewers. Also, while I owe damn near everything to the people who watch and check out my performances, I hope that this new era of internet interactivity hasn't for a second deluded any of them into thinking that they have the slightest notion of my character or the reasons I do what I do and how I do it in the battling and music world. Everything is more complicated than you think. And that's my word. Peace.

Press Play!

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Heebs907's Top 10 Battles. #9

Next up, #9 of the Heebs' top 10 battle countdown!

Aye Verb and Math Hoffa have a showdown and both come with some top level shit.


What up Dirtbag Dan? Introduce yourself further!

Ladies and Gents, boy and galls, this is the one and only Dirtbag Dan of the mighty Counter Productive Crew out of beautiful San Jose, CA. Or As I like to call it "The Zae Baby... Arrrhhggg"

You just got back from Hawaii and battling Osna. How did you like it out there?

Hawaii was nothing like I thought it would be. Cool as all shit, don't get me wrong, but not what I thought. Its a real inside culture. Meaning they aint really feeling outsiders. Definitely the most hostile audience I've ever performed for. At one point someone said, "kill that houle". I think I earned their respect. Its all about respecting the soil. No matter where you go.

You’ve travelled a lot recently to battle, where would you say has the most intense battle scene?

There all a little different. Hawaii was all about the home team. I can dig it. Oz was on some major love and respect right from the gate. Everyone there is happy to be a part of this whole thing. In England the fans were pumped. All our (Myself and Madness) merch sold before it hit the table. A lot of autographs and pictures. Someone even stole my hat during my battle. I'd have to say though, after all my travels, its really a toss up between The Bay and Toronto. I think we are consistently a larger audience with regard to views and demographic, but they have a huge core audience of die hard fans. Either way they are both the most knowledgeable of all the fans throughout. Meaning they get the references to other battles and inside jokes a lot of random viewers miss.

A break from battle questions, what have you been doing in the studio? Anything in the works?

I recently released a self titled album with my crew (Counter Productive). We had a record release party on 04/08 this year as an homage to our city. It will be available on iTunes coinciding with the release of my battle with Thesaurus (TBA). Abel Abilities is currently on tour with the homie General Populus and Ichy the Killer is the DJ for all 43 dates of The Vans Warped Tour w/GrintimeNow/Rolling Rockers. I'm gonna join him out there for a few performances and at least one battle. I think the plan is to get a mixtape done between now and Grizzlemania

2. The homie Skylar G recently procured a new facility in the Zae so as soon as I get this next battle out of the way, its on.

Would you still keep the name if you shaved the beard?

The name was never a choice... the great ones never are.

You are a top tier battler, who do you think are your biggest challenges?

I've had a lot of Wars, a few massacres, and a couple fun ones. I'm always my biggest challenge. If I feel like I'm on, I'm a fucking world beater. I really think I can beat anyone on any given day. That doesn't mean I think I'm unbeatable. Far from it. I just feel like on this level anyone can get it. Traveling for battles is added pressure. I got the heart of a fucking champion in me. Pressure makes diamonds baby!

Soul Khan and you have been teaming up for 2 on 2’s; Is it harder to

prepare for 2 on 2’s than it is 1 vs 1?

Hahahaha... prepare? Soul Khan lives in New York. I live in the Zae. We talk on the phone, put together a few bars, and watch it go. I think every time at least one of us had a 1 on 1 battle that day. We are both very loud and present. It works out. Me and Mad kill together too, but Critical will always be a better suit for him. They have that long time battle chemistry. You can fuck around in a 2 on 2. Never in a 1 on 1.

Who are some artists you’ve got rocking on your playlist on the regular?

That Lynch Hung, Dinner and a Movie is off the chain. That new Yukmouth is on point. Jacka is killing 'em out here. Sometimes I put on 112's Anywhere and just do Zane's verse in the mirror... hahaha, nah. I knock the range from Sizzla to Slayer, but thats what I been knocking lately.

Yukmouth did a video the ways to beat you in a battle, what do you think about it? Do you agree with his tips to beat you?

Haha... Yuk's that dude. That shit killed me. Really though, the one time I shaved I did so much damage that it was basically called cheating. I hate not having a beard. It makes me feel weak. So.. yah he's right.

And for those who aren’t familiar with this HYPERLINK (Skip to 3:10)

What’s it like to be undefeated (In Grindtime)? Not many people have that record!

Not undefeated... Lost my 3rd battle to Sahtyre. In retrospect, probably not the smartest decision I've made with regards to accepting battles. I think it was good to lose early for me. I learned a lot from it. I do however have the best over all record (current 8 and 1).

Do you believe all of your wins in Grindtime are legitimate?

I mean legitimate in the sense that they were judged by 5, impartial, competent judges, Yes. Either way it aint on me to decide who wins my battles. Some of the ones that people feel most "offended" by are my best work. That tends to get overlooked. Fact of the matter is it aint a fist fight. Its opinion in the end. I know that a lot of the time the camera fails to capture the whole picture. It is what it is.

What is a rematch you’d be down for the most?

Of course Saht. But if anyone want to get some redemption of their own... Lets go bitches.

With all these different battle leagues popping up world wide, where do you want to go and battle the most and who is the guy you’re gunning for in that league?

I'll battle ANYONE! I'm not one of those dudes who is gunning for Con or Iron. I could give a shit. I would ROAST 90% of those so called "street" rappers with the greatest of ease, Con included. I wanna battle in EVERY english speaking league in the WORLD. I'm pretty fucking close. Its up to the match makers to put it together. I've spoken with the dudes at FlipTop Battles in The Philippines. That would be fucking retarded ill. I'm ready to set up "The Thrilla in Manilla 2011". I wanna battle in Scotland and Ireland as well. I'm sure I'll make the trio next year. And URL if they're around and actually have an opponent who isn't scared. Thats gonna be the mark I leave on this shit. Most traveled. Most battle tested. LEAST SCARED!

What’s your goal for 2010?

Man... I just wanted to get out of the country a little. That turned to a lot. I'm just gonna get another solo project out and watch it go.

Plug your info for the readers so they can come find you for beard stylin tips!!

Hit me on twitter @DirtbagDan408 and check out the music @ and We got MEDIA!

That’s whats up bro, if you got anything left to say the floor is open!

I love my family, I love my City, I love to compete, I WAS BUILT FOR THIS SHIT!

Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Unofficial Video)


Marina and the Diamonds
"I Am Not A Robot"
Off her Album "The Family Jewels"

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heebs907's Top 10 Battles. #10

The homie from NoCoast battles took the time to draw up a list of his top 10 battles EVER.

We're going to count them down over the next 10 days.

The Saurus vs Justice.

This battle is from Scribble Jam 2005. Two freestyle beasts go toe to toe


Yo Cortez what’s really good? Tell the people what time it is!

Haha…. What’s Good??? You Already know what’s good- ME!!!! (PAUSE) LOL

NYB’s the Movement- Murda Ave’s the Home.. We working hard out here!

You’ve been on the rise in the battle rankings, who or what is next?

Well Honestly I got a few options as of right now but nothing concrete as far as battling. Besides the battles though I’m concentrating on this music! I’m receiving 1,000’s of d-loads and listens daily off my music and I feel its time to show that side of me talent wise! I wrote a few records for a few R&B singers already and I’m finishing up my project “Exception to the Rule”.

I read that Marvwon called you out and you accepted, whats the deal with that?

Well I have lots of respect for MarvWon & we were going to do it at MOB but I had other obligations that restricted me. Who Knows hopefully in the future we can do it but as of now I’m working on music until the right opponent approaches.

You’re tight with DNA what do you think about the shit with Grind Time and would you ever battle in GT?

UMMMM…I was one of the first people in GT! Myself along with Hollow da Don started in the East Coast NY division under Jaze Juce & PumpkinHead. I’ve battled Complex, Kay-M, Mosh Jelton, Yung Sheen, Conceited, Soul Khan and Real Deal! As far as DNA and the GT issues-he has a very valid Point! I’m Not sure as to how he’s perceived outside of NY but in NY he’s highly respected! He’s On every major blog site, He’s got multiple segments on BET, MTV, Every level for radio interviews, major label sit downs etc… yet he’s thrown Nobodies or someone that will not help him gain further recognition! I said in the Response to Marv & Quest that us as artist must take advantage of our opportunities and preserve value as an artist and the things GT is offering at times will not help him gain! . I cant speak for what GT outside of NY perceives as value opportunities but In NY our views are a lot different from the regions of other divisions.

You’ve got a big mixtape (EXCEPTION TO THE RULE) dropping real soon. Whens the due date?

The Mixtape is dropping 1st week of July and its going to make lots of noise! I’m recording from different angle to showcase my overall writing and musical talent and people are going to realize that I’m an Artist at the end of the day-NOT A RAPPER!!!!!!!!!

Who do you have for producers? and who else is laying verses down with you?

Well as far as Producers I have my in house producer Che’ Boogy for Honor Society Prod. I also have a record with DNA prod. By Mr. Divine from D-Blok., Cory Gunz and I spazzed on a record prod. By the Bizness who’s working with Young Money. I got Sha Stimuli, Babs Bunny, Fred the Godson, Math Hoffa and My Brother Charlie Clips as well!

Where will this mixtape be available?

It will be posted on every Major blog site also the hard copies will be available in all local bootleggers DVD, CD spots all over the tri-state! Any Show I’m at any club I’m at or industry event expect to see me hustling and grinding to promote this music!

Are you getting an album together too?

At this moment I’m working out a few details to make that happen around 1st quarter for 2011 actually. I feel blessed that I have this opportunity again after I severed ties with Universal but I’m almost done with negotiating an actual album release. If it does materialize I want to thank the fans because without them it’d never be possible!

Where did you get your start battling and is this something you want to keep doing or are you going to start focusing more on music soon?

Well I was winning showcases all over the tri state and LA Reid offered me a situation with Roc La Familia back in 2007 but that turned out to be a flop due to bad business besides that it never really helped me get to that next level though so I started battling at Fight Klub to maintain my buzz without spending money on promotion. Whether its battling or making music whatever can help my career I’m down to do. Right Now both are working out so I just feel Blessed to be in this position.

In our interview with Dizaster he said that the east coast is the most bias coast in battling, and the fans there become haters the instant you diss their city, what do you think about that?

Wow….I mean NYC isn’t the most bias-No Disrespect but California is by far. NYC will definitely let u get destroyed if u come unprepared for a battle…Look at Nuborn vs. Calicoe-Nuborn’s from NY and Calicoe got all the attention and love from the crowd. In cali even the wack battlers get oohs & Ahhs for simple bullshit! People are starting to catch on to the bias crowds in general though and at the end of the day-FOOTAGE DOES NOT LIE! …. EASY!!!!!!!!!

What are you feeling right now music wise? Whats on your mp3 player?

Honestly I’m listening to a lot of different material! I listen to a lot of 90’s hip hop and alot of R&B also. I listen for melodies, and arrangements a lot just to try and find something refreshing! I got 160 gigs on my ipod so I got a lot of shit but what stays in rotation is TI, Notorious BIG, Sean Price, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne’s The Carter 2, Early Nas and DMX, Death Row, Slaughter House and Classic Eminem material!

Alright homie plug your info where can the people go to get your music and show you love (or hate haha)

HAHAHA If U wanna show Love hit me on my twitter: @Cortez_HSP or on FB: Cortez HSP!

If u wanna hate log on to www.KISSMYASS.COm LMAO!!!!

Na but seriously go and listen to the Mixtape in July “The Exception to the Rule” hosted by SMACK & SUPERSTAR JAY and send the feedback! Constructive criticism only helps me get better…I wanna relate to the public so please No YES MEN AROUND ME!

Get @ ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got any final words for everyone reading this?

I want ya’ll to know that I really am appreciative of all the support! I’d be the first to say I’m doing this for ya’ll and over the last year I’ve really studied my errors in previous battles and corrected certain faults I had and improved! Trust Me I’m a Different Breed Now and I thank ya’ll(The Fans) cuz it was ya’ll who pushed me to get to where I am now!!!!

******************Brooklyn Waddup????**************************

That’s whats up homie thanks for taking the time to do this and hopefully we can catch up with you in the future!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Official "Matty: The Documentary" Trailer

The Official Trailer for the "Matty: The Documentary".
Produced and Directed by: Burns in the City Productions

Check for more info of when and where you'll be able to see the entire documentary!!!!