Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LEAK: Living Proof - City (prod by Tope)

Living Proof, the PRTLND based duo, comprised of Prem and Tope, is set to release their sophomore album Full Speed at the end of summer 2010. This album is the culmination of three years of hard work and constant reformatting and adjustments. The release reveals a more mature sound from the group, and is clear evidence of the scene's progression and growth. Keeping with tradition, the production on this album is top notch and the Proof elicited the help of West Coast heavyweights Abstract Rude, Planet Asia, and Destro (Boom Bap Project/Oldominion) as well as PRTLND's own TxE, and Kelli Shaefer. The cohesive project bridges willfully between soulful, thought-provoking compositions like "Gone Home" and uptempo, feel-good joints like the title track "Full Speed" feat. Abstract Rude.

With anticipation building for the new Living Proof record, we thought it was only right to give fans a sneak peak at the project. City 2.0 is a reworked version of an original song we made for the record, prior to a couple beat changes and verse/sequencing transformations. This unmixed track brings the familiar 'feel good' vibe you're used to from the Proof and is perfect for riding to in the summer. Left Coast!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PoRICH vs Soul Khan

Al-One - "May Be The One" (feat. KP (of Good Biz) & Bosko) (prod. Trox)

The first single off Al-One's up coming solo album "Talk Of The Town" which will feature guest appearances from illmaculate, Freeway, Sly Boogy, Bosko, Kokane and more!! Due October 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Whats good Hollow? Tell the people what time it is.

its 5:14 a.m

When did you start battling?

as soon as I got out da pussy (in other words I was born for this)

Who is your next battle going to be against?

hopefully someone big but idk right now

I saw a video on youtube it looked like you and Conceited were going to battle, any chance of that happening?

that was suppose to just be a joke for da ppl there but they release da video to fool the world and I was kinda mad about it too, but whenever he's ready I'm waiting on him

You had a song produced by Alchemist how did you link up with him?

I was in Mobb Deep studio and Havoc was there and Alchemist was on da phone telling him its this crazy kid from Queens name Hollow that gets busy but he didn't know I was with Havoc and Hav was like "he's right here " so he put my on da phone with Alchemist so we got to talking and he was saying how he lives in L.a and it just so happen I was goin to battle Okwerdz out there that same week so we kick it and been homies since

Tell us about L O M (Loyalty Over Money), who all is in that family?

Loyalty Ova Money is deeper than music its something I want to live on after I die, it makes you feel like you stand for something and helps your team to build trust. We are in 12 different states, and 4 different countries and we only getting bigger. I got a lot of things in the works this year for da l.o.m family and we accept all race,religion, ect. and Its not like I'm lookin for street dudes or cool ppl cuz you can find a nerd that would be more loyal than a street cat sometimes so I hope everybody 1 day will be l.o.m or just be loyal period

You released Money Changes, Loyalty Don't in the first quarter of 2010, who are some artists you got on there with you?

Cortez just cuz he was there lookin like "can I get on this song", D. Chambers cuz he might do a Tinychat gettin at me if not, Hanz cuz he's 6'8 and would fuck me up if I left him out, Dna cuz I didn't want to be on the receiving end of one of his diss tracks, and Da Dininon cuz he might wish something on me that will really happen, now ain't Karma a BITCH

Where can people pick that up?

Thanks I thought I would have to wait until the end to plug my shit. Go to or or Amazon or just go on youtube and here songs for free like "Hustleman" "Spazz Out" "Nyb" "Greatness" or "Queens Supreme"

What are you working on in the lab now?

Ok back to being serious, I feel like my music is like my battles and the last Cd was my Jay Focus battle like where I'm just knockin dust off and gettin back in da zone so expect every Cd to be better than da last. So this next cd is like my Philly Swain battle and so on

Who are some of your favourite battlers?

I watch everybody you'll be surprise, like when I see some of these dudes I be tellin them but I think that they think I'm just being cool, but I never told nobody I fucks wit them when I really don't

You’ve battled on both coasts, which do you like more?

they both have their advantages like there's nothin like battling at home cuz all ur ppl come through and ur. %100 comfortable and in N.y you can feel hip hop in da air. Now on the West they really doin it major, like big turns out and cats that are really into battles that have been watchin Gt faithfully so I don't mind either plus Cali is starting to feel like home to me.

Do you prefer battling in Grindtime or URL?

I don't care bcuz it really matter the performance you put on, like I don't buy the whole this is a bigger stage cuz Ill make the best of it no matter where its at. For example Conceited battle wit L dot was in a park with 10 ppl but that did not matter, all ppl care about was him turning his dreads into choclate smoothies

You have different battlers on your tracks, is it a competition in the booth too to one up eachother?

Of course, its always competition when we in the booth cuz we wanna make each other better and have da best verse lol

You are a 106 and park hall of famer, how much did that help put you in the public’s eye?

5 millon views every week so like I couldn't go nowhere for a while cuz when I was on it when it was still popular

What surprises do you have in store for the second half of 2010?

Now if I tell you it won't be a surprise no more but I am gonna put out a battle dvd wit all the 106 n Park battles on it plus more and I'm workin on a mini tour to battle in like 10 different cities giving cats a shot and kickin there ass at the same time but I want it to be like a tournament in every city and I battle da winner out of it

You got to meet Eminem, how did that go?

I was back stage again wit my boy Alchemist and Just Blaze who I met for da first time there and Al went down to Dj for Em and I was right At the corner of the stage and Em was gettin mic up bout to go on stage and he seen me and I was like" Hollow da" and he was like "cut that Out I kno who u are, ur da man on da battle" n somebody was like Em we ready n he hit da stage n I was dere right behind him when he perform

Plug your info so people can hit you up and show some love and find your music

twitter @hollowdadon or for my cd Money Changes, Loyalty Don't

Anything else you want to say this is the chance, floor is open:

I just want everybody that really fucks with me to be l.o.m and spread da word. Loyalty Ova Money and to all the ppl who hold me down in arguements and was there when they doubt me, there's really no way to thank you but just know I won't let you down


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Day 1:
2vs2 Tournament
Aak vs Moe Dirdee
Double/Deuce vs Maniphest Desnte
G Souldier vs Ice'alino
Kid Caustic vs Rheteric

Day 2 (Main Event Battles):
E. Ness vs Iron Solomon
Philly Swain vs Passwurdz
Real Deal vs The Saurus
Madness vs Soul Khan
PH vs Eurgh
Dirtbag Dan vs Mac Lethal
Young Gattas vs Ami Miller
Cadalack Ron vs Mood Swangz
2 vs 2 man event
King of GTN Battle (decided after Lounge Battles)


This is subject to change.

Week 3 (7/19)
Jee Polo vs Godzilla (Anarchy 2)
PC vs Chicago's Own (Judgement Day)
DirtBag Dan vs Thesaurus (KOTD - released on GTN)
Supreme Court vs M. CIddy (Judgement Day)
Rival vs Morebucks (Anarchy 2)
Monk Mcnastee vs Double/Deuce (MOB)

Week 4 (7/26)
Madness vs Sahtyre (MOB)
Richard Cranium vs Fatboy (Judgement Day)
White Roux vs Delore (Anarchy 2)
Lee Hustle vs Jesse James (Judgement Day)
J Walker vs Detective Blacksmith (MOB)
Cadalack Ron/Rheteric vs Carter Deems/ATM (Anarchy 2)

Week 5 (8/9)
Real Deal vs 9DM (MOB)
Diligent vs Cue P (Judgement Day)
Reverse Live vs 24/7 (MOB)
Rugged vs Topr (Anarchy 2)

Week 6 (8/2)
PC vs M. Ciddy (Judgement Day)
Pimp Red vs Tiger The (MOB)
Saheed vs Shabazz (Anarchy 2)

Week 7 (8/16)
Chedda Cheese vs Japanese Jesus (MOB)
Thousand vs Maniphest Destne (Anarchy 2)
J Morgan vs Dropz (Anarchy 2)

Week 8 (8/23)
Mic Phenom vs Abel (MOB)
Hindu Rock vs Strife (Anarchy 2)
Everybody Knows vs N'credible (MOB)

Week 9 (8/30)
Nocando vs Anecdote (MOB)
Pariah vs Gambit (MOB)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Paypal for advance tickets and save $10!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Double/Deuce, whats Poppin with you homie? Let the readers out there know a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am an entertainer. I do everything that has to do with entertaining and I am the best at what I do. For example: Everyone gives out their phone number but no one does it like me. I will demonstrate that for you right now... 4-1-9 8-1-0 8-2-1-2 & you already know.

At what age did you start battling & rapping in general?

When I was a young warthog, I battled with lyrical skill, not necessarily targeting or attempting to degrade my opponent. Conflict and/or separation are not things that I promote so battling is something I never involved myself with until I saw "Jumpoff" and "Grindtime" battles where after the battles, matched opponents did musical collaborations as well as networked together. I saw this as a platform to display lyrical skill and became involved. So rapping since the age 13 battling since February 2009. My primary concern is getting my music heard. In my eyes I am less of a battler and more of an active fan, that's just attempting to give people my phone number... (419.810.8212)

Who were some of your influences growing up that made you want to pick up a mic?

Nobody. I never looked at anyone and said "I wanna do that". Before I even knew how to rap, I was given an opportunity to perform and being the born entertainer that I am, I took it. I performed with veterans yet, after the show, I was the one that received the biggest response. From that moment on, I knew I could draw attention and captivate audiences with my performances. I also knew that would be an opportunity to give out my phone number...(419.810.8212)

Who do you want to battle in the near future? Any matches lined up?

No one in particular, I'd prefer someone with an actual music career that way both our audiences benefit. Unlike many of these 'battle rappers' I'm an actual artist so my aim with the battle arena is to expand my fan base and get my music heard. Its been hard for me to get an opponent as of late. Everyone I have openly pursued has, for some reason, avoided me. I have battles lined up for the "Vans Warped Tour" in Cleveland, Ohio- 07/08/10 and"Grindtime" in Chicago, Illinois-07/25/10. Although those dates are close and usually with a small amount of time to prepare artists performances lack spark. Expect to see a great performance from me at both events and also expect to hear me giving out my number... (419.810.8212)

Being from the Midwest, who do you have as your top 5 Midwest battle rappers right now?

Everyone has a different background,preparation method and style. Being that my taste is eclectic, I can respect everyone as an artist.

Who's better- Kanye West or Eminem?

They're both good but make two different types of music. It all comes down to preference. No matter what you do if you're good at it you're good. But I can say this, No matter what your preference is, no one in your top five can distribute their phone number the way that I can... (419.810.8212)

Do you prefer to compete in

written or freestyle battles?

-I enjoy Written Format because it gives me the opportunity to display my

creativity and to perfect my wording before performing which ultimately displays my full lyrical skill.

-I enjoy Freestyle Format

because anyone can write but not everyone has the wit & spontaneous creativity it takes to freestyle. You're basically reacting on instinct, so in a way you

become part of the crowd because not even you know what you're going to say until after it's said. I usually astonish myself with those performances. I have won countless freestyle tournaments throughout Ohio through the course of my battle rap debut year.

- so all in all I enjoy both for what they provide me as an

artist but one thing can expect to hear weather written or freestyle format is me giving out my number ... (419.810.8212)

We seen a battle with you and Mike Flamez on YouTube where you freestyled vs his written and there was controversy over the decision at the end, care to shed a little light on that battle and your feelings on the decision?

I don't really consider that a battle it was more a dysfunctional gathering with occasional sporadic outbursts of rhymes. He prepared, I went off the top. I got more crowd response but the judges said he won based off consistency. I don't particularly have feelings about the decision but I think it was a bad look for both of us. It was very unprofessional and made us both look worse than we actually are. The one positive thing that came out of that battle was it gave me a bad look in my debut footage to the public. As a result I was forced to become active so the world wouldn't be stuck looking at me in that light when in actuality I am one of the greats. So Everyone who I destroyed throughout my quest of retribution of that footage blame the battle against Mike Flamez. Hell through all the turmoil in that battle I didn't even get a chance to give out my phone number ... (419.810.8212)

Which battle leagues have you had the chance to battle in and which do you prefer?

Outside of freestyle competitions just Grindtime but I've traveled fromGrindtime Midwest to Grindtime Georgia to Grindtime East Coast to Grindtime West Coast. I prefer Grindtime West Coast in my eyes they're the least biased their crowd is very supportive if you got Barzzzz they show love bottom line. They were even receptive to my phone number ...(419.810.8212)

Which of the big leagues do you think are the weakest talent wise?

No Coast I think they just stared off but I wish them the best of luck & hope to come kill whoever their best or sexiest (she knows who she is) soon. just get a hold of me I'm sure someone there has my phone number ...(419.810.8212)

Tell us about anything you have going studio-wise? Any mixtapes or albums being worked on?

The studio I was working at just shut down in the past couple weeks so I'm looking for a studio at the moment. But I have roughly about 500 tracks recorded (all Classics by the way). I have over 25 mixtapes that I will be re-releasing for my new fans over the course of this next year. The mixtape that I'm promoting for right now just released March 9th is entitled The Exemption. It's available for download at don't be without this !! All tracks contain a shout out of my phone number ... (419.810.8212)

Who are some producers you've been shopping for beats from?

I've gotten beats from my personal producer Deezin SQueez who you can find at, Mozart Jones from Washington D.C. google him. Other local producers but I'm always interested in networking with any and all producers/artists get at me ... (419.810.8212)

Plug your info plurrr, let

the people know how to get

ahold of you! (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace...Phone # lol)

Download my mixtape at

message me on either of those for a copy of From The Page to

The Stage DVD oh yeah 4-1-9-8-1-0, 8-2-1-2 & you already know

If there is anything else we havent covered homie, the floor is yours...

All 'Battle Rappers' stop being bitches (commonly referred to as divas by Okwerdz) and battle

Any Sponsors get at me

There is no beef between Double/Deuce and Marv Won

2 middle fingers

And shout out to ya'll for spelling my name right with the mandatory forward slash between Double & Deuce which represents the split personality


Thanks for doing this interview Double Deuce. Readers make sure you holler at him and show some love! 4-1-9-8-1-0, 8-2-1-2

Friday, July 2, 2010

#1 of Heebs' Top 10 Battles!!

Today we bring you #1 battle from Heebs' top 10.

The classic, highly anticipated, living up to the hype battle!
The Saurus vs Illmaculate


Thursday, July 1, 2010

new Chase Moore verse on a Sour Beats production


What up Ness Lee. Introduce yourself.

(cues loaded lux-esque intro)

introducing the Ness - dopest in the south soon as i open up my mouth, automatically known internationally shown, ga is the birthplace they created an earthquake, daddy slicker than the average rhyme clown/ swaggy's thicker than dizasters eyebrows, married to the game i never need a stupid wedding ring/ better than PH at everything including everything, my haircut game is shittn on lush one's/ the one son a mother couldnt trust with a trust fund, everyday working man, man's man (pause, no homo and so on and so forth), rhyme animal, production genius, 3 big ass dogs live in my crib, Kap Kallouses beard breast feeds from mine, my girlfriend probably raps better than you, i just lost 25 lbs bro, tyga ty for president, dirtbag dan will die soon, christian side hugging all you niggas girls in the club just to piss you off - Lee!

what up fam? i appreciate the look out. i'm trying my hardest not to do that gay ass leg cross rich niggas be doin when they on talk shows but when you're important you're important and cant help it

How long have you been rapping and battling for?

seriously since i was 17. i'm 23 now. so close to 10 years.

i was always a hip hop fan but i didnt write my first official rap until i was 15 or 16. i was at west laurens high in dublin ga. my nigga jeff from jersey used to battle my other dude jimmy brown every day all day in school. one day jeff didnt show up and jimmy needed someone to pick on so he just did a drive by freestyle on me in the middle of the hallway in front of everybody. i was pretty much forced to spit a verse back. i ended up being pretty decent but he still shitted on me. i went home and wrote a verse and came back the next day like WHAT. he still shitted on me. he had the more simple rhymes, i was on my canibus big word, i read a science book and made it rhyme, tip. ever since i been rhyming.

what really got me into it was battling shawn jay from field mob on the radio every day in albany. they had this show called "who got da flava" where they let local artists call in and battle each other. i got pretty far and ended up battling shawn live at the amphitheatre. we tied. being that he was THAT DUDE in albany, it kinda made a name for me and my squad Kontraband around town.

How was MOB? I heard the crowd energy wasnt the same as it usually is.

man i missed a good 75 percent of MOB. i was in the freakin hotel room with strep throat coughin up green stuff on A Classes bags. but from what i seen MOB was all around one of the best hip hop events ive been to. its hard to pinpoint why there was a lack of reaction on some of the battles. i personally think it has to do with the stage. i think when spectators are closer to the artists they feed energy back and forth off each other. crowd hears bars better and react quicker and louder. emcees feel the reaction and get more amped or animated. so on and so forth. i prefer being in a circle in a battle. more hood/grassroots type. it may sound bad but the feeling of "organization" takes away the authenticity. for me at least. not to take away from whoever it was that thought of the stage idea. a lot of emcees used it to their advantage when they stomped and what not.

You had a battle with Illmaculate, i heard you battled in a parking garage after the event got shut down.

who? i battled a little kid outside my hotel yeah. a lot of people seemed to know him. dude had bars. real talk though, i cant think of a better place to battle than a parking garage. the energy was crazy. a good 70 people were out there and they responded to everything sans a few bars in my third. we both got crazy. shouts out to the little kid from the parking garage.

Why didnt the battle happen at March Madness?

schedule conflict. he had to be up @ 6 to catch the bus to school. i had to find that out a round and a bout way.

You are a top tier battler and you also make dope music, how much does battling help you put more light on your music.

nah i'm not top tier yet but i appreciate it. i'm working on it. real talk, i have to be specific when i say this, its not battling that helps shed light my music, its grindtime. i cant put egnough emphasis on this. for someone like me who's rocked everywhere he can rock in his city and has his city behind him, doesnt have a huge hit on the radio, and isnt on mtv/bet, grindtime is one of the only consistent ways to get shine. battling in general is great and i love it but you have to be strategic about your career if you want to have one. so as an artist who puts music first i advise anyone trying to get out to take part in grindtime/king of the dot/ smack-url etc. battling/ grindtime got me a contract along with my production partners Cafe Society.

How many CD's do you have available and where can we find them?

go to :)

You had the best impersonation in your battle with FLO do you think it was one of your best showings?

lol i remember when i was writing impressions were big in grindtime. i was always a fan of his style so i figured trying 4 bars of it would be fun. i never noticed how similar our voices are until i got the feedback from that battle. yeah i def think its one of my best showings. either that one or vs paperwerks. shouts to paper and flo

Are you currently in the process of putting another album together?

indeed i am. "everybody loves ness". except for like 5 people on me and my team Cafe Society will handle the bulk of prodution. ive always been a person that people are drawn to and speak positively about for some reason. the album is focusing on that and more specifically my move to jerz. i moved from atlanta to new jersey in december 08. i got a d.u.i. the day b4 i was about to drive up here. things have been going like that ever since. so its an understatement to say the transition has been hard. without the help of others i would've been homeless or worse. aye at least i dont look like marvwon. anyway a lot of people have proven to me that the world, even in its terrible state, has an abundance of people with big hearts. for some reason these people see something in me and feel the need to help me get where i'm going. so this album is a tribute to all those people. shouts to Harsh z, blaze wun, hemisphere, sonny bams, drect, ph, poison pen, CAFE SOCIETY

Can you name some battle rappers you're working on music with?

me, hemisphere, jarren benton, and sonny bamboo are doing a project. i rocked a few beats for blaze wun. i'm producing Animal Planet's ep. shouts to passwurdz. chase moore and i will be working on some things in the future i'm sure. i'm doing some production in the near future for marvwon so i can steal his twitter followers. i plan on doing work with dutch vega. man, so many i cant really name them all. i did the beat for that huge grindtime collabe. the studio session for that was crazy.

i also am doing an ep with that toddler from the parking garage. planned on putting it out the day the battle is dropped but i've been so busy writing and producing. we're almost done though.

Do you have any idea what and when your next battle is? Anyone you interested in specifically?

i got syd vicious in atl on the 17th. i'm lookin forward to that one he's one of the better rappers in grindtime and just an all around monster. if i lose i'm probably gonna have a drink with or drop kick him. i wanna battle locksmith. i think that would be dope. but real talk, i reeeeeeally wanna get at E Ness. i respect what he does and just to keep it honest witchu i been tryina bait him for years. nigga finally acknowledged. so yeah i wouldnt mind zipping him up real nice. only enough room for one battle rapping, husky, dark skinned, reality tv showed artist named ness.

What do you think about I see you posting there.

if you use right it can be extremely helpful. i got my name there from battling. ever since, i had a hardcore fanbase that follows me and buys my music. now a days i just use it to argue with folks and get them saying my name.

Grindtime West Coast vs East Coast, Poison Pen is gunning for it, i saw your suggestion. Why do you think its being delayed?

oh no not gt west vs east (even though that was in the talks at one time). i'm petitioning for gt vs url/smack. i couldnt tell you why its being delayed. i'm not sure if delayed is the right word seeing as its such a new idea. i'm sure if the people call for it it'll eventually happen u feel me.

Where do you see Grindtime in the next year?

i'm kind of afraid for grindtime. its like the and 1 of rap. outsiders look at it as side entertainment away from the "real" rap industry right now. its getting huge though. power industry players are hitting me up saying they saw me on grindtime. but in its current format, it would be easy for it to hit a ceiling. i think by next year its either gonna be the biggest thing ever or exactly where it is right now depending on the moves that are made and the artists involved that blow.

Between battling and performing your music which do you like more?

definitely like performing my music more. two different people. as a battler i get a lot of comments on my writing and rapping ability. but on stage i get cult followers. for some reason my music touches people. its awkward and i dont know how to explain it. i feel like a martin luther type speaker when i'm performing

Where can people hear your music and show you love and see more of you, Ness?

yall niggas stop stealing my name with these sites

Do you have anything else you want to talk about we haven't touched on? If so go for it:

thanks for having me, rest in peace point game, and rap isnt for everybody.